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Prepaid Card Management

Bancore’s Prepaid Card Management platform manages established VISA and Mastercard programs in Africa and Europe, in cooperation with US-based Global Technology Partners.

Because the platform is based on issuing global payment cards, this gives you access to 45 million points of sale around the world. It is an eWallet-equivalent with free issuance and no recurring fees, based on globally accepted payment cards.

You will instantly be able to issue prepaid VISA and Mastercards to your customers, either via your own remittance platform (and carrying your own brand) or by making use of Bancore’s “Card Services” brand.

You will be able to reach commercial customers, employees on your payroll, recipients of subsidies/stipends, or you can use the card as a payment/loyalty card if you have an eCommerce or mCommerce site.

You can access the Prepaid Card platform via Bancore’s administration console or integrate the platform into your own system using a single API.

  • Instant issuing of virtual prepaid cards in a multitude of currencies
  • Option for ordering/issuing plastic prepaid cards
  • Globally honoured
  • Allows both “active” and “passive” issuance
  • One card supports both “open loop” and “closed loop” transactions
  • OTHER FEATURES: PCI-certified, 24/7/365 surveillance and support, real-time FX conversion, KYC/KYB process and PEP/Sanctions check, program console or API for integration

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