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Card acquiring and bank transfer gateway

The smart way of handling bank payment for services or loading a prepaid card: the payor sends the recipient information, including a mobile phone number, to the platform, which issues a unique transfer code which also lists the steps to be followed.

Once the gateway sees that the bank  transfer has arrived in its account, the “transaction success” is automatically communicated to the payee who can now, for instance, deliver the product or service ordered.

The methodology is securely integrated in the existing platform and no further security or approval is required, as everything is handled internally by Bancore.

Bancore further supports all VISA or Mastercard card acquiring transactions with 3D secure verification, thereby minimising fraud and oftentimes very costly chargebacks.

Transactions can either be processed in the currency of the payor’s card/bank account or in a currency of choice, and settled in, for instance, USD, EUR or even Crypto.

  • Supports all VISA and Mastercards globally
  • Choice of settlement currency
  • Integrated FX conversion
  • All IBAN, NUBAN, SWIFT, and SEPA transactions
  • No need for costly and time-consuming formalities
  • All card transactions are 3D-secure verified to minimise charge-back and fraud
  • OTHER FEATURES: PCI-certified, 24/7/365 surveillance and support, real-time FX conversion, program console or API for integration.

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